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The Alfred Mizzi Foundation comes to our rescue!

Upon an SOS call made by Foodbank Lifeline Foundation for additional funds, our primary sponsor The Alfred Mizzi Foundation thankfully answered our plea for help. The Alfred Mizzi Foundation have very kindly advised us that they will be increasing their support towards Foodbank Lifeline every month. This will ensure that we can keep on helping people in desperate circumstances to have food on the table.

Reverend Kim Hurst our Chairwoman explains: ‘As the number of people needing our services continue to increase, I am very grateful that yet again The Alfred Mizzi Foundation has come to our aid and stepped in with this huge increase in donations. This helps to ease the pressure on us to keep providing much needed help to our clients.

Set up in 2003, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation have been supporting Foodbank Lifeline for the past 2 years and have been of indescribable help. Consistently providing us with monetary funds, regular supplies of grocery items and not to mention sponsoring us with a van to manage collection/distribution of food packages more effectively!

If there is anyone who wishes to lend a helping towards Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, there are various ways you can do so, either through monetary or food donations. Have a look here to find out about how you can help us help others.

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