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Work with Foodbank Lifeline and be part of a team that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.
We are driven by one mission.

What are you interested in?

Our vision is the hope that one day there will no longer be the need for foodbanks in this country, because no charitable organisation can replace the dignity of buying your own food. 

Until that day, our mission is to help people in desperate need, by ensuring no adult or child suffers the indignity of hunger – regardless of their race, religion or gender.

We do this by providing emergency food packs, which consist of a varied list of items that can sustain an individual, couple or family for a period of one week. We help clients that are referred to us by the community and especially social workers, so that we can be sure the food we provide is really going to people who need it.

If you feel that you share the same commitment towards our cause, we would love for you to consider joining our team.

The core tasks of our operation are run by a team of volunteers, with a very hands-on Board of Directors always helping in any way possible.


No matter whether it’s our volunteers, employed staff or our senior level directors, everyone involved with Foodbank Lifeline is working towards a common goal: Making a difference.

Would you like to work with us?
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Be a part of the change in our community. Become a volunteer.

Without the support of volunteers, our foodbank would simply cease to operate. This in turn would mean that people in desperate need will go hungry. A situation we work hard every day to avoid.

You CAN help!


Join our team of volunteers and help us make sure that we can keep providing emergency food parcels to individuals, couples and families who truly are in desperate need. There are so many ways to get involved. We’re always open to ideas, but here’s a good list of ways in which our existing volunteers have pitched in which might interest you.

Hands-On Volunteering

A little more physical, but worth it for the feel-good factor!

  • Help to organise stock and build weekly food packs.
  • Help to hand out food packs to clients in various Pick Up Points across the island on a designated day/time.
Help us during our busiest period – the Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign during the winter months.

Behind the Scenes Volunteering

Not able to get around much? Don’t worry there are other ways to get involved.

  • Manage your very own fund raising activity on behalf of Foodbank Lifeline.
  • Help us with our social media activities.
  • Help us man our phone lines and email correspondence.

Best of the rest

You might have a creative way of wanting to get involved? Care about food waste and the environment? Have another idea that you think could benefit our NGO? Please get in touch!

You can make a real difference to people’s lives.