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Success of the 2017 Reverse Advent Calendar Initiative

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

An advent calendar is traditionally a time of preparation for the holidays, with little treats inside for children and adults to enjoy every day in the run up to Christmas Day.

It is also an ideal time to think of others who will not have the sort of Christmas that most of us take for granted.

The Reverse Advent Calendar initiative 2017 was perfect for families, schools and businesses who wanted to make a difference during the festive season and find a fun way help to support individuals or families in crisis.

Instead of taking a daily treat from an Advent Calendar, people were encouraged to add one non-perishable food item into a box, every day from December 1st until December 24th. At the end they had put together emergency food packs for people who were in desperate need.

Since its formation, the Food bank Lifeline in Malta has depended solely on the contributions from the Church and the general public, in turn helping them to provide support just under 1000 families over 4 years.

The 2017 initiative was a huge success and the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation in Malta was extremely grateful to all those who contributed, whether by donating food items, money or helping in the delivery, stacking and packing of the boxes.

This year, the initiative will take place again and Rev. Kim Hurst, the Foodbank administrator is set on achieving an even bigger outcome than last year.

The Reverse Advent Calendar Initiative

  • Step 1: Simply add one non-perishable food item in a box such as canned goods, cereal or pasta, for 24 days starting December 1st.

  • Step 2: When you’re done, just take the box to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation at 210, Old Bakery Street, Valletta. Alternatively you can drop off the boxes at any Quicklets and Zanzi Homes branch around Malta and Gozo.

Have a look at the 2018 Shopping List for the Reverse Advent Calendar.

If you’re part of a school which would like to get involved, please do contact us directly so we can discuss logistics and how to make this easier by providing you with branded boxes.

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