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No Catering Sized Containers Please

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Our Food Bank Lifeline Foundation in Valletta provides emergency food supplies to individuals and families in short term crisis after being referred by Care Professionals from organisations like Appogg, LEAP, Caritas, St Jeanne Antide and Jesuit Refugee Service, to mention just a few.

All donations of food are always welcome, however please ensure that you do not send us large industrial catering sized food containers. This is because by law we are not allowed to open packages and divide them into smaller quantities.

For example, coffee in 750gr container would provide over 30 cups of coffee a day, which is far more than a family of 4 would drink, and tea bags in a 250gr container would provide more than 35 cups of tea a day. It would be much better for us if you could donate these items in smaller pack sizes, which would enable us to assist more families at a time.

A regularly updated shopping list outlining what products we need is available to download. Remember that if you cannot help us with food donations, we accept financial donations so that we can buy the items that are short in supply ourselves.

Every little bit of help counts, and your contribution means a lot to us.

Foodbank Lifeline Team

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