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Francis Busuttil & Sons collaborates with Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and Uncle Ben’s Rice

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation has joined forces with Francis Busuttil & Sons Ltd for a wonderful initiative on their boxes of Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Rice.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll begin to see packages of Uncle Ben’s rice with a Foodbank Lifeline sticker attached to it (have a look at the photo above). When every item featuring that sticker is sold, 100g of rice will be donated towards the Foodbank by Francis Busuttil & Sons.

If you’ve looked at our regularly updated shopping list, you’ll see that Foodbank Lifeline is always in desperate need of rice, along with several other non-perishable foods.

Our deepest and most heartfelt thanks go out to Francis Busuttil & Sons, who regularly donate food to our Foodbank. We’d like to give special thanks and praise to Sarah Spiteri who contacted the Foodbank to kick-start discussions on this brilliant idea.

We are always open to discussing new ideas that can help our Foodbank grow, empowering us to feed more people. Have an idea? Then give us a call.

Meanwhile look out for the Uncle Ben's boxes with stickers attached!

Thank you everyone.

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