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Donations Rise as Demand for Food Increases

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Since appealing for supplies in January 2017, fortunately the shelves of the Foodbank were quickly refilled. However, the demand for food has now increased by 50% since last year.

When the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation Malta first opened in 2014, it used to support 5 - 10 families a week (depending on the season). By the next year the number had doubled and by 2017 we were feeding close to 50 families each week.

In 2018 we handed out 50–70 family packs and 20-30 single and couple packs, which are slightly smaller, every single week. The number of people who need our help is increasing at an alarming rate.

The Foodbank Lifeline in Valletta deals with a number of clients, mainly Maltese citizens who are referred to us by Care Professionals. Although we do not accept people to walk into the distribution and demand food without any referral, when there is an occasional drop-in, we still try to help by providing food for the day and we then put them in touch with professionals or agencies.

In her interview on Times Talk, Rev. Kim Hurst claimed that the rising rents were pushing low-income families to the brink. “Before our Foodbank Lifeline’s 2017 appeal, we would usually have enough food for one week, at two most. This lack of supply resulted in having to operate on a weekly basis, hoping that the food or monetary donations will come in, to support them for the following week. The situation was hard and we seem to be heading in that direction again.

“The support has been brilliant, but we need people who are ready to help us on a regular basis, so that we have our mind at rest that we can continue providing families in need with food” - Rev. Kim Hurst.

Learn more about how you can help the Foodbank, either through voluntary work or donating food/money.

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