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Quicklets & Zanzi Homes join forces with Reverse Advent Calendar initiative for second year running

We are thrilled to announce that the QLZH Foundation has agreed to support our Reverse Advent Calendar initiative for the second year running.

This means that any individual or family participating in the Reverse Advent Calendar campaign can drop off their filled boxes in any one of Quicklets and Zanzi Homes branches all around the island and we will take care of the collection from there.

Based on last year’s huge success, when we collected hundreds of boxes from their branches, we’re hoping for an even bigger outcome this year.

Everyone still has the option of dropping off your Reverse Advent Calendar boxes to our premises in Valletta, but this gives families a more convenient option.

We’d like to remind any schools or businesses who are participating, and who will have a sizeable donation to make, that we would prefer to liaise with you directly, so we can arrange collection direct from your school or business.

Watch this space on that point, as we’ve heard a rumour we’ll be receiving a brand-new van very soon from some lovely sponsors!

Chief Operating Officer of Quicklets and Zanzi Homes, Fabio Zucchero was delighted to confirm their involvement in this year’s initiative: ‘The QLZH Foundation is proud to once again play an active role in making the Christmases of the most vulnerable a bit more special.’

Kim Hurst was overjoyed to hear the news. She explains: ‘Quicklets and Zanzi Homes were a huge help to us last year, enabling our Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign to be a great success. They were inundated with bag and boxes of food and yet they remained hospitable and very gracious. We are delighted that they have agreed to help us again this year. Their support is invaluable, and I personally don't know what we would do without their help - Thank you so much!’

Please scroll down for the full list of Quicklets and Zanzi Home branches and their map links.

Have a look at our shopping list for ideas on what to place in your Reverse Advent Calendar box.

If you’d prefer to make a monetary donation we will be able to purchase the items that are short in supply ourselves. Whether it’s food or money, your contribution will make a difference to those in desperate need.

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation will not be able continue operating without your help. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support.

Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Locations:

(Click on the locality to view the map)

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