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Do you have any idea how easy it is for anyone of us to sink into poverty?

Consider the following desperate situations which you or I could find ourselves in:

  • Your family’s rental costs have been increased extortionately, placing you on the breadline;

  • You, a young man, who’s only skill is as a builder, has a crippling accident resulting in you being placed in a wheelchair and thus unable to secure employment;

  • A patient suffering a mental illness is discharged from Mount Carmel Hospital and has no funds for food during the weeks it takes for benefits to come through;

  • Your spouse’s bank account is frozen due to bereavement.

We can go on and on with the number of unforeseen scenarios that can easily happen to either you or me, resulting in us sinking into poverty. That is why we, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, are here to help.

The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation opened its doors in June 2015, and at the time, we would deal with a maximum of 10 clients a week. Nowadays, our numbers have significantly increased, and we are now providing food to over 300 families a week.


This is an excerpt from Anne McKenna’s opinion piece which was featured on the Sunday Times of Malta.

Anna McKenna is a member of the Board of Directors of Foodbank Lifeline and has been involved with us ever since the beginning. In this article, she also explains how we have relied solely on donations in the form of funds or non-perishable food items to feed our clients.

To ensure continuity of supplies to those in need, we have launched our Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign throughout the month of December. This is a great opportunity for you, your family, school or company to get involved this Christmas! All you have to do to participate is, grab a box and place one non-perishable food item every day from the 1st to the 24th of December. For every box that is filled, a family will be fed for one whole week!

Read Anna McKenna’s opinion piece featured on Times of Malta, here.

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