Frequently asked questions
If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us

I need food, how do I access your services?

We can only offer short-term food provisions to individuals, couples or families who have been referreed to us by a Care Professional. Please have a look at our Need Help page to find out more.

This is a list of charities, institutions and churches that we work with.

How do I refer people to you?

If you work for another NGO or charity or for a government institution such as Caritas and you are a Care Professional that would like to refer someone, please fill in our referral form.

How do I donate food?

If you refer to our How to Help page, you will find all details on the types of food that we need as well as where to drop off food to our Valletta premises. Please do feel free to contact us if you need further information.

How do I donate money?

There are several ways you can donate money, whether via PayPal, bank transfer or by posting a cheque. Please have a look at our Donate page for more information.

Can I donate cash?

Yes, however we do not suggest you send cash via the post. It would be better if you can bring it to our centre at 210, Old Bakery Street and you will be issued with a receipt. Please refer to our opening hours at the bottom of the page.

How can I be sure that the money I donate goes into Foodbank funds?

Foodbank Lifeline’s accounts are professionally audited. Unless specified otherwise, all donations are spent only on food.

How do I know the food goes to the people who really need it?

All our clients are referred to us by Care Professionals who are currently working with these people to help improve their circumstances. We provide food on a short-term basis, leaving the professionals to concentrate on supporting the families through the crisis and help them get out of it.

Can we donate fresh or frozen food products?

Presently we don’t have the facilities to store or distribute fresh or frozen food products. Many of our clients don’t have any means of storing such products either. We suggest you refer to our Shopping List to see the types of food that make up our 7-day food packs for individuals, couples and families experiencing a crisis.

Can we donate items that are short dated?

Yes, we will gladly accept short dated items, but please be aware we cannot hand them out once they are past their best before date. Many wholesalers donate short dated items to us and we wish that many others would do the same as we also aim to reduce food waste. We aim to distribute those items before others to ensure nothing is wasted.

Can we deliver donations outside of your opening hours?

It is possible. It would be best if you can contact us directly, so we can discuss your request.