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Do you need help?
If you are in need of help then let us know by filling in this form with your basic information.





We are working around the clock to try and provide food for people in need. It may be possible that we can’t help you as we are currently overwhelmed with requests for food. If we can’t we’ll guide you on who else you need to reach out to.


As is our standard procedure we usually require a referral by a social worker or other registered charity. We do this to ensure that the people we help are truly in need and to make sure our food packs do not go to waste. But don’t be alarmed. If you don’t have one yet, we will work with you to get this organised – in the meanwhile we’ll provide food till you have this official referral.


Please note we try to deliver packs either once a week or once every two weeks. Please also note that we do not operate like a supermarket. Your food-pack will consist of basic food items to keep you going. Stocks are distributed to all clients equally and are always dependent on the kind of foods we receive as donations.


For the time being food packs are being delivered by Bolt Food and by St John’s Rescue Corps. This is until we can re-open our distribution centre in Valletta. Once re-opened we will request you to collect your food from our centre.

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