Be Someone’s Lifeline This Christmas
We believe no one should suffer the indignity of hunger.
Join our cause!

Every Christmas we launch our Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign, bringing the community together to help those in need. As Malta’s only Foodbank that gives directly to people in needwe have a constant challenge to make sure our shelves are stocked. The Reverse Advent Calendar is an opportunity for you, your family, business or school to get involved.


3 Easy Ways To Get Involved


We’ve updated the ways that you can help, making it easier for everyone to get involved, even if you’re not out and about at the moment.

Build your own box, then drop it off at one of our locations...
Buy your
Reverse Advent Calendar box online!
Pick up a few food items and drop them off in the boxes at these supermarkets...

Buy A Reverse Advent Calendar Box online!


Simply visit pavipama.com.mt and make a donation online!


You can choose from a €5 / €10 / €15 / €20 / €25 donation!


When making your purchase online, kindly note you still need to choose a delivery date, time and location, even if you’ve chosen the option to pick up from Pavi/Pama. However you won't actually need to collect or receive delivery, everything will be arranged directly between Foodbank Lifeline and Pavi/Pama. Thank you.


All proceeds will be collected on our behalf and then we will exchange that to purchase food at Pavi and Pama Supermarkets!

Go For A Traditional
Reverse Advent Calendar!
There’s nothing quite like giving back during this special time of year.

Simply grab a box, or any shopping bag you have lying around. Place one item in it for 24 days and you’ll have created a complete Reverse Advent Calendar!


Here’s the Shopping List which you can download and save to your phone or print off for next time you go shopping.


You can drop off your box at any one of these locations:

The Atrium
Giovanni Felice Street, Zone 3, Central Business District,
Jacob's Brew
144, Triq is-Salini,
Quicklets &
Zanzi Homes HQ
Standard House,
Birkirkara Hill,
St Julian's
Quicklets &
Zanzi Homes
216, Triq il-Marina,
Quicklets &
Zanzi Homes
Trejqet l-Iklin,
Quicklets &
Zanzi Homes
Luxol, St Andrews Road,
Quicklets HQ
157A, Triq it-Torri,
Constitution Street,
Triq Aldo Moro,
PAMA Shopping Mall,
Centreparc, Triq it-Tigrija,
The Plaza Shopping Centre,
The Point Shopping Mall,
Foodbank Stores
21, Il-Moll tal-Hatab, 
Marsa Seafront, Marsa
Tuesday to Friday
8.30am to 1.30pm
You can also drop off your boxes here:


Our team will be making the collection in collaboration with St John’s Rescue Corps

12 December 2020
Luxol Car Park, 
9am to 12.30pm
19 December 2020
Tigne Point Piazza, 
10am to 12.30pm
9 January 2021
Ta' Qali Car Park, 
Ta' Qali
10am to 12.30pm

Some important info:


  1. Please note we can’t legally accept expired food items to hand out. So please don’t donate them. It just causes more work for our volunteers.

  2. If the item has a short date, could you mark it with a sticky note? That would help, so we can put it aside for immediate distribution.

  3. Please remember we can’t accept fresh or frozen food or catering sized containers.


Every Little Helps!


We appreciate every single donation we receive, even if it’s just a single item.

We have branded collection boxes in the below supermarkets.
So, if you shop there, pick up one item and pop it in the box.

Donate your points at

Donate your points when you check out and Greens Supermarket will pass those points onto us in exchange for food for our clients!

Calling All Schools And Businesses.
You Can Help Too!
If you’re interested in organising a physical collection, please do let us know. We can drop off boxes, stickers and posters and then organise collection as well, with a photo opportunity too.

Call 9906 6808 or email rac@foodbanklifeline.com and we’ll organise the details.

Donate Via
Copy our IBAN
MT28 LBMA 0500
0000 0000 0118 0115 687
Open Revolut app
Then go to Payments,
choose the Send option
 and press Bank Transfer.
Enter our name, paste the IBAN and enter the amount you wish to donate.
Enter details
Send donation
That's it!
Just press Send 
and you're done.

Please do send us an email to donations@foodbanklifeline.com to let us know that you are transferring money so that we can confirm receipt.

Donate From Your Mobile
To donate
send an SMS to
5061 7386
To donate
send an SMS to
5061 7912
To donate
send an SMS to
5061 8938
Why Help Us?

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation was set up by Reverend Kim Hurst in 2015 when a member of her congregation saw someone searching for food in a public rubbish bin. Upon hearing that no foodbank existed in Malta she made it her mission to ensure that no one in Malta had to suffer the indignity of hunger. From feeding 30 families a month when we first opened, we are now feeding thousands of people every year. Poverty is a real and growing problem in Malta.


Whilst our wish is that one day there won’t be a need for a foodbank in Malta, till that day it is our mission to ensure that no child or adult has to suffer the indignity of hunger. Operating as a fully fledged NGO and foundation, we rely solely on donations from the community to be able to stay open.


All our clients are referred to us by Care Professionals. We aim to help people for a maximum of 6 weeks, till a longer-term solution can be found. But sometimes our clients need help for longer.


Please help us. Together we can make a difference.


The Sponsors Who Make It Happen

Over the years we have been assisted with donations from some amazing people, families, schools and companies. But we wouldn’t be where we are now, without these fantastic brands that have truly helped us in every way. Whether it’s by running and paying for our campaigns and social channels, to making financial donations, supporting the Reverse Advent Calendar or donating food – these are the companies who are a part of us and to whom our team and our clients, will be forever grateful.

Become A Lifeline Volunteer

Being a Lifeline Volunteer means you are playing your part to help the community. Whether you prefer to help us build food packs, or you’d like to hand out food parcels to clients we would love for you to get involved.


Fill in this form and let us know what you’re thinking. And if you’re a company looking for a team activity for a good cause, we’re sure going to need your help come January.

SMS Donations:

5061 7386 - €2.33

5061 7912 - €4.66

5061 8938 - €6.99

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If you wish to drop off a donation, give us a call on +356 9906 6808 and we will guide you on where and when to bring it.

Need help?


Want to donate?


Reverse Advent Calendar?


Call us on 9906 6808 between 9am and 5pm or send a WhatsApp message all other times.

For drop-off points please visit foodbanklifeline.com/RAC