Rev. Kim Hurst live on Primetime TV

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Reverend Kim Hurst, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation’s Chairperson, was recently invited to sit with host Owen Bonnici for a live interview on the popular television show ‘Prime Time’.

Rev. Kim and Owen took the opportunity to discuss the work of the foodbank, as well as to appeal for help from the viewers watching at home.

After moving to Malta to run St. Andrew’s Scots Church, Rev. Kim explains how she quickly realised that setting up a foodbank in Malta that could provide food directly to those facing crisis-situations was crucial. She goes on to say that the number of people using Foodbank Lifeline’s service increased from 5 - 10 families a week to between 80 – 100 families a week. This adds up to about 500 people a week including children.

When asked why she believes such a high number of people in Malta need help, Rev. Kim explained that reasons for ending up in a crisis might be due to redundancies, illnesses, the rising price of rents or even inability to access bank accounts.

Watch the full video to find out more about Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and how the team of volunteers is trying to help end hunger in Malta.

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